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How to draw pokemon

how to draw pokemon

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to draw pokemon”, specifically Charizard (because it looks awesome and who the hell doesn’t want to draw a dragon? 🙂 ) and Riolu the fierce cannine Pokemon.

Charizard is a bipedal dragon (meaning it can stand on 2 feet) of orange color , with a long tail. It has two visible fangs, two horns, blue eyes and a nice long neck. The most impressive part though remain its huge wings and its burning tail(notice in this form the flame is reddish). His arms are thin compared to the rest of his body, but this bad boy doesn’t use them much anyways.

When transformed into Mega Charixard X, its color changes into a greyish-black with a blue stripe coming down from his jaw to his tail and also the flame from its tail turns into a light blue one (if you ask me this form looks the best). Its eyes also change color and become red.

It can also become mega evolved, and as this it becomes Mega Charizard Y. Its neck becomes shorter and its hands smaller, but the legs and torso grow. The previously large wings become even larger and now the edges of them become ragged.

But enough with the introductions now comes the interesting part, the actual drawing of Charizard:
Instructions about it are found here. Begin drawing your Charizard  in no time.

Riolu is a canine Pokemon. It is a small blue dog :), but the cutest part is the coloring done around its eyes making it look like a real ninja. Its eyes are red with black pupils. It doesn’t use its whole feet to stand on, it uses only its toes (like ballet dancers).

It is an energetic Fighting Pokemon, and as all Pokemon has superhuman abilities (although his abilities are not the best, it still has super strength, huge stamina and can travel really fast).

It is however sensitive to an energy (caller AURA), because it cannot control this for now.

Drawing this cute little thing is easier that Charizard, but easy doesn’t mean that it is less valuable.
Follow the instructions posted here and happy drawing.

Hope you enjoyed todays tutorial and lessons, have an awesome drawing session. And remember you get better with practice, so if the first drawing is not good enough try again and i am sure at some point you will make the perfect one happen.

If you have more questions, feel free to address us at mailto:


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