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How to jump higher

how to jump higher

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to jump higher”.

The first thing you need to do in order to jump higher and higher every day is to practice it. Practice jumping as you have the opportunity and everyday you will see a slight improvement in your jump heights.

There are 2 kinds of jumps, static and dynamic jumps. The static jumps need more muscle power since you are standing still and in order to jump you only use your muscles power. The dynamic jumps on the other hand need a bit more but you will achieve greater jumps with this method. When I am talking about dynamic jumps i mean taking some speed(running) before the jump itself. Just as basketball players do, without the 3 steps they take with high speeds they would never make those jump. This method requires a lot of coordination though. You have to know when to jump, when is your body ready for it.
Before the jump itself always make longer steps than usual so you prepare your body for what is coming, and when the jump itself happens raise your hands above your head, this will also help a lot (since your hands act like a wight thrown upwards that pulls you up from the ground even if it is just a little bit).
Another thing you can try is moving your feet once you are in air. This helps a bit as well since you are pushing yourself upwards (I know it sounds a bit insane, and don’t expect to make huge distances like this, this only helps a couple of centimeters but it all adds up).
Also a very important step is to exhale right as your legs leave the ground. This helps you because your body becomes lighter (with a bit of course).

And the most important thing left for the end, returning to the ground (I know it’s not awesome but for some strange reason we cannot fly, and gravity pulls us back for some strange reason). The higher you jump the greater the injuries you can suffer when returning to the ground so you need to prepare the landing phase as well. Be sure not to land on your full feet, you need to land on your balls of the feet and simply roll onto your heels, bend your knees right as you touch the ground. Also make sure you never land with both feet in the exact same time. If needed and the height was to big roll over once so that your whole body absorbs the shock that may come in.

I hope this helped and one day you will reach the moon, and in that case don’t take into consideration my landing suggestions 🙂

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