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How to jailbreak ipod touch

How to jailbreak ipod touch

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to jailbreak ipod touch”.

Here are the instructions you need to follow (read everything carefully and don’t skip parts just because you think it is boring):

1. Before doing anything make sure you backup every data on your iPod, just to be sure you don’t lose anything, any data if you mess things up and won’t follow my instructions up to the letter
(won’t take long so don’t be afraid to use it even if you are in a hurry).

2. Now the downloading part:
This jailbreak program was built by Evasi0n crew and it is available for free. If you want to check out the credibility visit them before using it. Evasi0n site
Once the jailbreak is complete, you will never have to worry about this until you either revert it or update your iOS version. (Apple tends to mess up jailbreaks 🙂 )

Make sure you download the right version (depending on your operating system since the iPod has to be connected to your computer):
MAC users download this (need at least the version x.6 or newer) and Windows users download this (need at least XP)

3. In this step we make sure that everything is closed, no application is running on the iPod (failing to close the applications might cause loss of data for those applications) and hit the home button (you need to be on the starting screen).
We check that it is properly connected to our computer and the connection is not interrupted.

4. Close iTunes on your computer. Start and run the program you just downloaded. The “Jailbreak” button pops up on your display. Start the process by clicking on it.
Now we wait, but in the meantime you are not allowed to run any software on your PC(running stuff may slow down and furthermore even ruin the whole process) and don’t even go near the iPods shut down button.

5. At some point you will be asked to run the jailbreak application on your iPod as well (so make sure you keep an eye on your iPod as well from time to time). In order that the process continues you will have to tap the Jailbreak button on your iPod.

6. Once everything is finished you will notice an application called Cydia on your iPod screen. This can be used to download applications that are not approved by Apple (some date must be downloaded from here as well in order for the jailbraking to finish.
“Reloading Data” is your que, when you see this you know that your iPod has successfully left prison.

Your iPod is now free as a bird in the sky and you can use it happily ever after.

Hope this helped and happy iPod-ing.

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