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How to draw a skull

how to draw a skull

Hello readers,

In this post i will teach you “how to draw a skull “.  This will be awesome since we are drawing the Harley Davidson skull.

What skull is the best type of skull? Of course the answer to this is the Harley Davidson. This type combines two awesome elements: Skull with wings, Awesomeness at its purest.

Lets get into this(mainly at first use a pencil so you can easily erase if you did something wrong):

how to draw a skull

Step 1:

 Make an oval shaped circle for the beginning, on this we will build up our skull(check the above picture).  After that draw a cross a bit lower than the middle of the oval, this will act like a guide for the upcoming facial characteristics.

how to draw a skull


 For this step start by drawing the actual head shape in the top. Also add the temple indents. Last but not least add the check bones as well.

how to draw a skull


Now we draw the teeth formation. Fluid little curves along the way symbolizing the teeth. With this the upper mandible is done and we do not need the lower part, so the hard part is over now. Be sure that you also draw those 2 little lines there in the back, not belonging to the mandible itself, those are needed for detailing the upper jaw. 

how to draw a skull


 Now we use the cross we have drawn earlier. We will imagine that the horizontal line is a mirror and what we draw on one side must go on the other side as well. Drawing the eyes is like drawing two seeds. Don’t forget to draw in the eyebrow lines and right above the temple indents draw 2 small lines as well. 

how to draw a skull


 This step is the easiest of them all. Our only job is to draw the nasal cavity. Again we can imagine that the horizontal line is a mirror, or we can simply draw a weird upside down heart here(perfect for a nose).

how to draw a skull


 We are almost done. We need to draw the wings now. As a guideline take the small lines (we have drawn right above the temple intends) as the top part of the wings and as the bottom line take the cheek bone ends. Don’t make the wing to wide because we still need space left and right. Draw short and jagged edged feathers.

how to draw a skull


 And we made it to the final step. We just have to draw another layer of wings but this time the feathers are longer and wider spread than before. Notice that the outer layer has the feathers looking up.

how to draw a skull


 THIS IS IT and you have your own Harley AWESOMENESS Davidson skull, we have done it. Picasso would be so jealous.

Hope you enjoyed the journey with me as much as i enjoyed it.

If you have more questions, feel free to address us at mailto:




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