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How to eat a crawfish

how to eat a crawfish Hello readers, In this post we will talk about “how to eat a crawfish”. Having trouble figuring out how to eat crawfish? Worry no more , once you read this post and try some of it out, you will eat it day and night if your budget permits it (not the cheapest thing you can eat). Some interesting facts before everything, just so you get to know your food a bit at least: Only a small portion of the body is really eaten Louisiana supplies over 94% of the crawfish harvested all over the United states Crawfish meat is also used as bait to catch large predators Crawfish are also used as pets, kept and taken care of in aquariums(just like the goldfish) I hope you enjoyed the facts but it is time for the “eating”part. So: Step 1: You need to remove the head. You spin the head 2 times and it should separate from the body/tail. If it is fully cooked it should snap of easily, if it won’t come off after 3-4 spins you will need to cook it a bit more. Step 2: Once the head is removed this can be either consumed or thrown away. Some consume the head since it contains delicious juicy parts, but if you are easily feeling bad if you try out new stuff, I would suggest to simply throw away. (If you have a though stomach I would say suck that head out) Step 3: Peel back the shell on the tail or crack it open with a knife and discard it, revealing heaven, the juicy tail meat. Step 4: Now there is a thin outer skin that has to be peeled off, and once this is done grab the tail with one hand, the meat with your other hand and pull them apart. The digestive system parts will go with the tail leaving you with the meat itself. (the digestive system parts are thrown away, no use for them in any dish). Step 5: Now the fun part. Eat the meat with a good appetite 🙂 The tail-meat is the main meat in the crawfish but you can find meat in their claws as well if the crawfish was bigger. The claw meat can be eaten as well but this has to be boiled, and if you only have one or two crawfishes it doesn’t deserve the trouble, but if you have more you will not regret the work. Hope you learnt the art of eating crawfish, and may the gods bless you with many-many fishes. Bon appetite. If you have more questions, feel free to address us at mailto:


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