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How to restore computer to factory settings

how to restore computer to factory settings
Hello readers,In this post we will talk about “how to restore computer to factory settings”.

This guide is made for windows 8 users, since it is the latest windows type, but if you need it for any other operating system feel free to ask for it. This guide will direct you step by step to reset your computer back to factory settings. All you need for this guide to work is the following:Windows 8 operating system and an Administrative account(with administer account on it)

Step 1:

Get your mouse pointer to the top right side of the screen. Once there the menu bar will appear. Select the Settings menu option and click on to restore computer to factory settings

Step 2:

Once in the Settings menu you will need to find the change PC settings link item (bottom of the screen). Click on it once you found it.
how to restore computer to factory settingsStep 3:

On the PC settings page select the General options to proceed.
how to restore computer to factory settingsStep 4:

On this page you will need ot scroll down. Once at the bottom of the page you will see the following text: Remove everything and reinstall windows with the Get started button right underneeth it. Click on it only if you are certain and didn’t change your mind.
Step 5:
The reset phase has began. On this next page click the “Next” button that pops up. (you still have a chance to change your mind by clicking the “Cancel” button)
how to restore computer to factory settingsStep 6:

Now if you have more than one drive (either more than one phisical drive or more than one partition) you will need to select what you need from the options presented. One destroys the data only on the partition/drive the windows is on and the other destroys the data on the whole pc (every drive/partition).
how to restore computer to factory settings

Step 7:

Once clicking any of the options you will be asked again if you want to destroy only personal data or everything on the drive. In this guide we will destroy everything and get a fresh start.
how to restore computer to factory settingsStep 8:

Once selected windows will show another pop-up message saying that is ready to reset the pc. Carefully read what the warning and make up your mind once and for all. This is the last step where you still have your data intact and you can choose the Cancel operation, if you choose reset the cleaning process will start. If you are still here then click on the Reset button.
how to restore computer to factory settingsStep 9:

Now the long and boring part will begin. Windows will remove all files and everything you had installed, to make your PC good as new.
Step 10:

If by any chance you are selling your PC and that is why you are doing this , then you can simply shut it down and let the new owner set it up as he wants.
This is something you should do every time you want to donate or sell your PC. Your data should be erased like this every time and this way you are making it usable for the new owners as well. If you didn’t keep anything sensitive on the windows drive the other drives can be simple hard formatted as well.
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