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How to video chat on facebook

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to video chat on facebook”.

Since many of you asked for this feature to be explained here it is. Video Chat for facebook was added fairly recent, and this is why it is still not very “visible” for most of the users. Many people still use skype and other software for video chatting. One thing you should know video chatting for facebook it is still supported by skype, it has the same mechanic and if you look better into it it is skype who provides them this feature.

Here are some simple steps to begin videochatting in facebook:

Step one:
After signing in to facebook check the right bottom of the page. There you should see the messenger window, most of the time closed if you did not use it before. Click on it. (Check the attached picture to see how this looks)

messenger with people online

Step two:
Once you clicked on the messanger button there, this will expand showing your online and offline friends, the ones that have used the messanger at least once. The statuses are shown in the right side of the expanded list, there you can see if the person is online the icon is green and will tell you if he or she is signed in using a mobile device or from a pc (web). Check attached screenshot for the looks

chat window open

Step three:
Select the person you want to start a video chat with. Selecting is done by clicking on the name. If the person you want to chat with it is not shown in the list than you can use the search field that is in the messanger list. Simply click on the search area and type in the name you want to find. Once you type there the list will narrow and you will only see the right person in no time.

Step four:
Now you find the right person. In the top right corner of the window that opened there is a camera like icon (if the camera is faded out it means that the person you want to have the video chat with is either offline or doesn’t have proper webcam installed) that is not grayed out(like in the 2nd screenshot underneeth this post).

No webcam available person online

Step five:
Since you never started video chatting until now a pop-up window will appear. You will need to download the video chat plugin from facebook. To do that click on the install button.

set up video calling

Step six:
After clicking the install button the download window will open. This window will show you what you will be downloading. Click the Save file button. Once the file is saved go to the targeted location and install it. Follow the install instructions and you are good to go to chat face2face with your loved ones.

setup window

In order to video chat you both need to have live and working webcams (built in for phones and for laptops or desktop ones for PC). So if you lack a webcam you won’t get anywhere.

Happy video chatting and remember no obscene things 🙂

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