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How to naturally lighten hair

how to naturally lighten hair

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to naturally lighten hair”.

Since a lot of people want to lighten their hair color for the summer time without using chemical lighteners, i decided to show you some useful. home-made recipes for it. These recipes mainly use low-cost, natural ingredients so that your hair won’t suffer any damage at all. Maybe you remember doing this when you were younger, but spraying lemon juice on your hair actually works if you add some side-key ingredients to the mixture.
Since this mixture won’t dry or brittle your hair you can use it more than once, and even by doing so you will feel the economical relief since it will be much cheaper than using expensive hairlighteners bought in a store.

Here are some of the homemade recipes:

Recipe 1: Vinegar and honey mixture

Honey is great for the job, but not on its own since it will make your hair sticky and all. But if you mix it with the ingredients that are shown below you will get a healthy light hair in no time.
Ingredients needed:
2 cups of vinegar mixed with water (distill it well at least half-half ratio)
1 cup oh honey (you need the raw version that is find in health food stores)
1 tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin kind)
1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder

Mix the ingredients to get an even mix and then apply the mixture to your hair where you want it brightened. If you want it everywhere you can use a comb so that the mixture can reach every area.
After the mixture is applied just cover your hair with a plastic bag (or use a shower cap if you have one) and leave it like that over night. In the morning you can wash it down (you need to wash it down)
This mixture is effective because the honey has small amounts of hydrogen peroxide in it and the extra ingredients like olive oil, vinegar and cinnamon boost the effects of it to have a lighter hair in no time.

Recipe 2: Chamomile Tea coating

Only use chamomile tea for this not every other tea does the job, since this is the only tea that actually acts like a lightening agent.
Chamomile or chamomile tea bags
You need to simply boil some water, add some chamomile to the water once it is boiling and leave it like that for around 15 minutes to boil (to get all the agents out of the chamomile). After that leave the tea to cool down. Now you rinse your hair with it two or three times with intervals of 15 minutes between them, and after that you wash it down with shampoo. The more you do it the lighter your hair will be.

Recipe 3: Rhubarb rinsing

Rhubarb also has a great lightening potential. The cool thing about rhubarb is that you can even grow it at home, or if you can’t than you can easily buy it from your local grocery market.
Ingredients for this recipe:
2 cups of water (you will have to boil this so put a bit of extra to evaporate in the process and remain with a raw 2 cups of water)
one-quarter cup of sliced rhubarb
Simply put the chopped rhubarb in boiling water and let it boil for another 10 minutes. After let the water cool down. After it is just warm, apply it to your hair once or twice , letting it do its job for about 10-15 minutes in between. After this is done wash your hair with shampoo.

Recipe 4: Baking soda for the win

This method is a longer process than the others but can yield the same end results + positive side effects as well. Baking soda also removes harmful chemicals that are deposited/built up on your hair naturally from shampoos for example. With this method you will need to repeat the treatment for at least 1 month to see actual results. You will need to wash your hair with baking soda at least once a week.

Recipe 5: Salt rinsing

I bet no one thought that salt can lighten their hair but it can. You could have noticed the effect if you were at least once in salt water swimming stations. Simply mix water with salt (1 part salt 4 part water, and dissolve the salt in it) and rinse your hair with it. Leave it like that for 15-20 minutes and rinse it clean with water. Repeat the process at least for 1 week, once a day.

May your hair be as light as you want it and for the most important part, chemical free.

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