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How to broil salmon

how to broil salmon

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to broil salmon”.

Salmon Fillets. A perfect description for these is: a piece of heaven. Cooked real fast but you will need some knowledge/technique to do it right. Most people add marinade as well to the mix to get it a special flavor. Anyone can do it so do not be afraid to try. There are several ways to make salmon after marinating them a bit, here are some:

  1. Baking it
  2. Broiling it
  3. Grilling it
  4. Pan-searing it
  5. Poaching it

Now lets get started by marinating the salmon.

Here are the Ingredients you will need:

This is for 4 servings:

  • 4 salmon fillets around 170 g each (can be bigger as well, but not a lot smaller)
  • half of tablespoon of garlic salt (if you do not have the salt, simply get a garlic and smash it and get one tablespoon of garlic juice)
  • three tablespoons of lemon juice (depends if you like it a bit bitter than you can put up to six tablespoons)
  • two-three tablespoons of olive oil
  • if you want to poach it then you will need half a liter of water as well

Marinating step 1:

In the first phase you will need to mix the garlic salt, olive oil and lemon juice. After doing this put the mixture in a plastic bag or a bigger bowl and add the salmon fillets as well. Make sure in whatever you put it it is properly sealed, so if you use a bowl make sure it either has a lid or use an aluminium foil to seal the top of it. The mixture will have the weight of around 4 liters, so make sure you use a proper bowl/plastic bag.

Marinating step 2:

Now we need to coat the fillets really well with the mixture. So either method you use make sure you move the fillet around in the mixture with all the sides( if using the plastic bag turn it around several times so it reaches every side, and if you are using the bowl then just make sure placing the fillets in it are fully in the juice)

Marinating step 3:

We need to put the bag/bowl to the refrigerator now. Let it there for around 30-45 minutes for the fillets to absorb some of the mixture. Due to the fact that fish meat is not as dense as other meat types it will need less time to marinate.
After the time passes leave the meat out for around 10 minutes so it warms up a bit prior to cooking (this will allow to it to cook evenly on every side)

Now the actual Broiling:

Broiling step 1:

While the meat is out from the refrigerator you need to pre-heat the broiler, this will also need from 5 to 10 minutes.
If your broiler has a high/low switch put it on high (most of them do not have this).

Broiling step 2:

Take the broiler pan and place the fillets on top of it (on the interior rack that is inside the pan) and if the fillets have still a skinned side, place it with that side facing towards the grill.
Make sure you arrange the fillets not just throw them on the pan chaotically.
If you want you can coat the grill of the pan with cooking spray (so that the salmon wont stick to it). I don’t recommend this since it may alter the fillets taste.

Broiling step 3:

Now we broil it. This is done for no more than 15 minutes, but check after 10 minutes with a fork if it is done or not. If the fillets flake when you check them with the fork than the fillets are done and no more cooking is necessary.
Make sure that the broiling pan is not very close to the heating element.
If you are talented enough and you see the need to do it, you can also flip the fillets after around 6-7 minutes, but this is not necessarily needed. But be careful this may cause the fillets to fall apart.

Broiling step 4:

Dinner is served.

The salmon fillets now can be served. I would recommend serving them at room temperature, but it can be served right out of the oven as well.
Bon appetite. You will see after this the fear is gone for ever and ever and you will broil salmon frequently.
 If you have more questions, or want to learn how to make the other types as well feel free to address us at mailto:

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