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How to make chloroform

how to make chloroform
Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to make chloroform”.

To begin with,i must say this: This is not for everybody. You need special equipment, hard to get chemicals and most of all specialized safety gear. This is not a game, making chloroform is dangerous, as is the chloroform itself. It can cause serious diseases and can even kill if not handled correctly. SO BE CAREFUL WITH IT.
Only qualified people should handle this chemical. This should be made in a laboratory, for security reason, even though it can be made at home as well.
Chemicals required for the process:
– most important a separation funnel
– pure acetone (hard to get)
– bleach (this can be purchased easily)
– ice (normal ice)
– glassware (you will need to use glass for the process, plastic or metal containers are not good)

Once you have those ingredients, you will need to procure the safety equipment, a gas mask and some gloves.
When you have it all follow the steps i wrote here:

1. step:
You will need the bleach (half a liter). Take the glass container (make sure it is a clear container, with no residues in it, and you can see clearly through/in it. Now add ice to the mix (you need to keep the bleach at a low temperature).

2. Step:
You need 1:50 ratio here, so we need to add the acetone to the mixture. Add only 10ml of it since we have half a liter of bleach. We need to add ice again(if you don’t add the ice fumes will raise and that is bad).

3. Step:
Now we leave the mixture to react (leave it around 20-30 minutes). After it reacted fully (you can tell this by just watching , fumes will raise in the glass container, or by touching the container, the temperature will raise a lot) leave it to settle. We need the fog to go away, if it doesn’t go away in like half an hour steer it away.

4. Step:
After all is done, you will see a white, blueish mixture at the bottom of the glass (that is your chloroform). Pour away the still liquid part as best as you can, but care not to mix the powder with it. The remaining chloroform now needs to be placed in the separation funnel for extraction.

Take care and be careful not to inhale anything. Using chloroform on people is illegal, and will come with serious consequences.

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One comment on “How to make chloroform

  1. bob
    November 9, 2014

    Thanks for the help.You did very well at discribeing the steps.

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