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How to do box braids

how to do box braids

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to do box braids”.

1. First part (First things first):

1. First you need to wash your hair. Clarifying shampoo does the best job in our case since we will need an easy to work with hair. A hair with residue in it cannot be braided easily or un-braided for that matter. This type of shampoo is the most efficient in our case, and believe me it does its job well. Some hair types can easily dry out , and this type is even worse than the greasy one, since it can easily break. But for a dry hair use a normal shampoo and for the greasy hair use this clarifying one.
2. Using a conditioner after you washed your hair is a must. You need this conditioner for an easier braiding and for a knot free hair. This is essential since we will work a lot with the hair, and if it gets knotted you won’t have a fun time untangleing it. You can use non specific conditioners like aloe vera juice or vinegar. These will do a job close to the one a conditioner does, and it is a bit cheaper, but i would suggest investing into your hair the best products, since you don’t want any hard to happen to it.
3. As the third step we dry the hair so we can start putting the box braids in place. You either wait for it to dry the natural way (but as you know this takes time, but it is healthier) or use a hair dryer.
4. Now it is the de-tangling part. We will use a comb with wide teeth. Using one of this type will make the job less painful. Make sure you de-tangle from root to tip. If you don’t do this you have the risk when removing the braids, that your hair instead of getting smooth it becomes tangled and matted as hell, and this way the risk of splitting is high.

2. Second part: The box braid creation

1. You need to divide your hair for easier access. Create four big areas of hair on your head and use hair clips to lock down three of the four areas(so you can work without them getting in the way).
Make sure you clearly divide the edges of the sections and don’t leave hair strips out of the sections (as said ALL your hair must be part of one section).  This can be easily done using your hands, but if somehow you can’t divide it like that, than use a comb with wide tooth again (hope by now you understand why this is needed and not the small tooth comb)
2. Now we divide even more. Normally when we talk about box braids, we talk about really small braids, so you will need to take only one pinch of hair each time. There are several strategies used to do the work easier and faster. Here are some suggestions for this:
Start braiding in the front
Choose the section on the right side if you are right-handed and left side if you are left-handed for the first braids.
Somehow calculate the dimensions of the pinches since if you use once smaller and once bigger pinches, your braids will look weird and uneven.
3. You can use synthetic hair as well combined with your natural hair. This will make your braids wider/bulkier. Also it has the benefit to mix different colored synthetic hair in the mix, giving it a funky, colorful look. Make sure that this synthetic hair overlaps with your real hair and the difference between them is not visible from a mile.
4. Now the actual braiding. As you know braiding can be done with two, three or four sections. In this case we will use three. Using this method we create smoother braids, that won’t be a problem for us when we unbraid.
Use a continuous motion. There will be three sides for a braid, left, right and middle, but these will change as we advance.

When you start make sure that you always start with the left one. Move the left one under the center one and right after that the right one under the center one. Notice that now the positions have changed between them, but we still have the three sides. You do this from root to tip.

5. Decision time. You can either tie your braids end or use a small rubber band to keep the braids from unbraiding.
Be sure not to tighten these end seals, since you can risk to damage your hair end (causing split ends).
There is another way to seal it without using anything (but this method only works if synthetic hair is added to the mix) but use at your own risk since when you want to unbraid you maybe will need to cut the ends off.
So you can use boiling water for the job as well, making your natural hair to mix with the synthetic hair and keep the braid from unfolding (simply put it in boiling water for not more than 2 seconds).
6. And we are now done with one braid, only around 50-60 to go. Simply do this for the rest of your hair and you are done. Make sure you don’t rush this process, just because you do not have time, since you might have to redo all of it if you rush. Only start doing this when you have at least 3-4 hours to spare.
By this time you simply look awesome. Enjoy braiding and don’t forget rushing things is bad doing it slowly is braid.

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