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How to draw Elsa from frozen

how to draw elsa from frozen

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to draw Elsa from frozen”.

The most important part when beginning, draw everything with a pencil and don’t press it to hard to the paper, we are simply doing guidelines mainly and only when the step tells you, you can harden the lines.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 1:

Lets draw a circle in the top half of the paper. This will act as a part of Elsa’s head. No need to do a perfect circle, since it will be only a guideline for us. This will help us draw the head and facial characteristics.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 2:

Right below the circle draw a semi-circle (an U-shaped figure). This will combine with the circle and will make Elsa’s head full. This will act like the jaw and chin part.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 3: Draw tow lines just as in the picture above. These will act as the body of Elsa. This part should still not be   at the bottom of the page since this is not the lowest we draw on it.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 4: Now we draw a cross all across the face area . These will act as a guide to draw the eyes, mouth and nose (also the ears) of Elsa. The horizontal line can be viewed as a mirror, and we draw the same thing on each side. As you can see the lines are not exactly straight, since we go along the head curves.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 5: Right above the vertical line (in the middle of both sections) we draw two small sided egg-like shapes. These will act as the eyes of Elsa. Make sure they are not round since that way it will look not that good. how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 6: Draw a C shaped drawing on the left side and a reverse C shape on the right side of the drawing. This will act as the ears. Both shapes are the same height but the left one is a bit thicker since it will be a bit tilted view.


how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 7: This a bit more tricky. We now draw the guidelines for the hair part (we need our long and beautiful hair as well so we try harder now). You can try drawing a heart formed shape starting from the jaw and upwards. After that erase the bottom part and only leave the part that goes out from the ear side.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 8:  We draw the ponytail now. Right under the right-side ear (as we are watching the picture or our drawing) we start drawing a ponytail (just like an animal tail of any kind). This part should go a bit under the shoulder(we still don’t reach the bottom of the drawing).

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 9: Ok. Now we are done with the guidelines and sketches. Now we focus on putting detail into our wonderful Princess Elsa. From this point we will press our pencil a bit more, because the lines are final. We need darker and more solid lines.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 10: We draw in the eye part now (give those wholes a little detail). Draw a curved line a little above the middle of the eye hole. This will act as the eyelash (his eyelash type is a typical Frozen thing). Also make the shapes pointy towards the middle.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 11: Step 11: Now in the middle of both eyes we draw 2 small circles. In each circle we draw another smaller circle. And in each smaller circle we draw a dotlike small circle. The 2 outer circles will act as the pupils, the smaller circles will act as the iris, and the dotlike circles will act as glares in her eyes.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 12: Step 12: Above each eye now we draw the eyebrows. Above the left-hand side eye (on your drawing) the eyebrow will go a bit higher than the other one. Make each eyebrows outer side a bit pointy. Since we want a bit of a sexy look for our princess.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 13: Step 14: We draw the nose part now. Above the inner circle guideline of the face we do the following: Right on the vertical line we draw a small V and on each side of the we draw the nostrils (curved and small lines).

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 14: Right under the nose (below the inner circle of the face) we draw the lips. Draw a seed like shape and in the middle of it draw a line. This will divide the mouth and give the lips some form. On the top part of the seed like figure we draw two small lines that break the barrier of the shape. This will make sure that our princess smiles

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 15: Now we solidify the lines for Elsa’s face. Darken the U-shaped figure and continue with the upper side of the circle.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 16: Another tricky part incoming. We give detail to the top right side of her hair. Since this is harder we divide the step. Draw this part using several curved lines one after the other. It will give the impression of clumps of hair. Do not forget the part near her ear.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 17: Now we focus on the top-left side. Do the same as you done in the previous step. The curved lines on this part have a gap in them around the middle area. (and again do not forget the part near the ear).

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 18: We now give detail to the visible side of both ears and start giving detail to the ponytail. We give the effect of the braided hair but drawing curved lines in the tail shaped figure we drew earlier. Don’t hurry with this part, do each segment at a time, don’t even try to do all in one motion.


how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 19: Step 19: In this part we finish the braiding. Simply finish the lower part of their hair. At the end of it make it pointy and also draw in some lines to give the effect of loose hairs.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 20: Step 20: This is the easiest part you have done until now. Simply follow the body guideline, and harden the lines for her neck and shoulders. Do not forget the two small lines that are in the picture, these are needed for the arms-like impression.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 21: Step 21: We now draw the clothing and the decoration of the hair. For her dress part draw again 2 curved lines on her shoulders. In her hair draw two small starlike shapes and one big snowflake at the tip of the ponytail.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 22: We are almost done. Now erase the guideline we used before and harden the actual components a bit more.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 23: Now instead of a pencil we will use a pen to make the edges pop even more out. Erase the remaining pencil marks and you are done. If you are still not impressed and want more than go to the final step as well.

how to draw Elsa from frozen

Step 24: THE BIG FINAL: Get out the colored marks and using the above picture color your drawing. Make sure you will not leave the marked lines not even once.

So once again we made it. You should now have an awesome picture-like drawing at your disposal. Hope you enjoyed the ride with me and you learned something new. Hopefully next time you can do all this on your own without a guide from me.

Take care.

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2 comments on “How to draw Elsa from frozen

  1. maggie
    June 19, 2014

    Its way to hard for my little sister and she is the best drawer in the world!

    • knowitallnow
      June 21, 2014

      Cannot explain it better than that, it is a step by step drawing tutorial and i managed to do it (not exactly like that but i was close :P)

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