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How to curl your hair without heat

how to curl your hair without heat

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to curl your hair without heat”.

As you all know by know the most used method these days to get a nice and curly hair is to use a styling tool. But this has its own risk, since all styling methods use head for it. Take as example the curling irons. Yes it makes your hair look awesome but how many times can you do it before your hair just decides to “say” : I had enough? There are many ways to curl your hair without applying the least bit of hit or none at all. When the hair is wet it is easily formable, it can take any form as you want as long as you dry it in a certain position.

First method:
You will need a simple cloth or anything you can tie your hair with. You go and take a shower or bath, wash your hair but do not dry it. Squeeze the water out of it, but that is the most you can do. After you removed the excess water make sure you comb it. As the hair is still half wet take for example a string of a t-shirt and roll your hair with it. Take small parts of the hair and do it as many times as you can, until you have all your hair rolled up with those strings. After you have done this let it dry over the night. In the morning remove the strings and watch miracles happen. Your hair will keep most of the curling done with the string and have an awesome form. No heat used/no harm done.

Second method:
Use rollers. If you find the first method to uncomfortable simply use rollers. This was designed for curling. Simply take a bath again and wash your hair normally, but again do not dry it with a drier. Take a towel and remove the excess of water gently. After you did this comb through it again just to make sure it is not all tangled. Now take the rollers and small bits of hair to roll them all around with these. Again you need to sleep on it. Maybe you wont sleep the best with these in your head but it is well worth the trouble. In the morning you won’t even recognize yourself after taking the rollers out.

Third method:
Braiding your hair. You can curl your hair without using anything at all simply your own hair as a tool to curl it. After you washed and combed your hair once again, separate it into 4 sections, Grab 2 separate sections an braid them with one another and sleep over it once again. Always the miracle happens the next morning. If you want more curls separate your hair in more sections. You can braid two, free or even four sections with one another at once. This will make sure that the curls are happening more often.

No more heat treating your hair, do it all naturally and you will feel happier each day. For your curly haired girl out there you can get even more curly with just buying the right shampoo. It can define your curls with more than 100%. There are a lot of creams and shampoos out there on the marked that are simply made for this sole purpose. I can’t give names/brands because of publicity, but you can simply enter a cosmetics shop and tell the person there what you want and i am sure they can help you out in no time. No need to tell the name, they can simply tell once they have a look at your hair type.

Hope one day we can all meet and compare our curls done with one of each method. Take care, and may the curls be with you. NO more heat cause it’s not neat.

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