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How to end a letter

how to end a letter

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to end a letter”.

Before writing the end part you should make sure that the content is accurate and you transmitted everything you wanted, review it at least once. Make sure you did not write the letter at rage and you might regret something you said in it. If you are sending something that was not pleasant you should send it the second day after you wrote it. This was you think more clearly the next morning when you read it, and sometimes you will reconsider things.
It doesn’t matter to whom you write you need to make sure you use the appropriate way/tonality and words for this, because you talk differently to your cousin and friend than you do to your boss for example or the mayor of the city you live in. Writing a conclusion to this can be only done after you acknowledge what the message is: is it a formal one? is it sent to a friend? is it sent to someone your age? is it sent to someone older than you? is it sent to a female? is it sent to a male? is it sent to a whole family? Is it the girl or boy you love but never told him/her?

So lets take these categories one by one:

1. Formal one (sent to a public institute for example):
You should finish your letter in one of these two ways:
– if you addressed a question to them in this letter than the ending should be “Awaiting your response, sincerely X”
– If you just communicated something, let them know of something that was bothering you or was pleasing you then the ending should be “With regards, X”

2. One sent to a friend / your age
Here as well there are two ways to end it depending on the following:
– if you addressed it to a close friend then you should end it with something close to “Your humble friend, X
– if is addressed to someone who you didn’t keep much contact with then end it should end like “Your long forgotten friend , X”

3. One sent to someone older than you, an elder man or woman:
In this one you should always end it with something like:
– With respect, x
– Thank you for all your wisdom and help, x (if it was someone who you had a lot of help from), manly grandparents or old acquaintances

4. One sent to a friends family for the holiday season
You should always address the whole family and if you have a family as well, than also make sure you pass their names in the ending as well. It should look like:
Happy holidays, from the X’s
We wish you a wonderful summer, with love the X’s

5. One sent to the person you love
This is the most special one, since in a letter you always have more courage than in real life (as you can see this is why our youngsters do crazy stuff on the internet, cause there are all like Superman and Batgirl). In this one even if you said it a million times in the letter itself be sure to say it again in the ending as well, even if you don’t write your name and only leave a clue of some sort. For example you could do it like:
– Your biggest admirer, X
– Love you until the moon and back, X
– I can’t live without you, X
Happy letter writing and keep in mind the suggestions at the beginning of the post. Any negative feedback about the post can be left as a comment.

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