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How to void a check

how to void a check

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to void a check”.

When and where is this helpful?
When setting up automatic payments, deposits you will need a check of this type. This is required for your banking information, that is printed on the check. This information is then copied so that electronical money transfering can be done. There is only one problem: you don’t know how to do a voided check because you never done it before.

Voiding a check is the easiest thing you could ever imagine. You simply write the word VOID in the signiture part of the check and also in HUGE leters acros the front side of the check. Make sure your letters are big enough and they cover most of the checks surface. The only thing you need to avoid is to cover up the numbers in the bottom, those are your banking information, and will be needed for the person you send the voided check to.

Check the imaged i attached to see and example and explanation for the bottom part numbers, and banking information.

Make sure after you done this to take a note somewhere for yourself , explaining what you did with this check number. Future you tends to forget stuff like this, and might panic thinking someone stole a check or that he wrote a huge check to some shady persons, and his money is about to dissapear from the account anytime soon.

Writing this word on a check will prevent anyone from using this for a valid payment. (even though it is clear you didn’t write in hte payee or any other information, so make sure you use something permaning and never use a pencil to void checks)

But now the question arises: What happens if I don’t have a checkbook and i still need to send out a void check?

Well for this case there is an answer as well. Simply go to your bank, and ask a cashier there to give you a “counter check” and you can void that one.

In many cases business partners accept deposit slips as well instead of void checks, but in this case this slip has to be preprinted, you do not manually fill in this, because of credibility reasons.

Another possible way is to set up an online bank account. IT is the era of the internet, isn’t it? This is the simplest way nowadays, but if you are old fashioned forget about this, cause it can complicate you even more.

another alternative is to ask the bank to send you a letter with your banking information, the numbers that are present on the check picture(this way the account infromation is also credible and no one will doubt the information provided by a bank).
Some banks even have premade letters like this and they just need to print them out (these are usually made for the client to create a deposit account).

Once you have a voided check make sure you scan or copy it (make more than one copy) because if you needed them once I am sure you will need them again, and this is an awesome way to save time.
Many times an original voided check is not required, they only need to see your information and then you can send them one of these, but be sure you keep these coppies somewhere at reach but hidden from the curious eyes.

Hope this helped and made sense, may the money flow.

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