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How to install pixelmon

How to install pixelmon

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to install pixelmon”.

What is pixelmon all about?
Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft, base on the original Pokemon. It was release by Game Freak for a unique Minecraft experience. With this mod you make Pokeballs (using the old resources from minecraft combined with the new ones added here) to catch yourself some Pokemon. I am sure all you Pokemon fans love this mod.
The mod is constantly updated, now featuring over 300 Pokemon in it and it also has a Pokedex system, (meaning when you see a Pokemon on the map it will automatically add it to your pokedex, and it will act just as an album you had at school.
The mod has some known conflicts with already existing mods, so if you have one of these make sure you either install them or simply not install this one, since it may ruin your game and will need to install it all over again.
The conflicting mods are for now the following:
Mystcraft – it was inspired after the Myst game series. You can travel to new dimensions
Highlands ComputerCraft – redirection mini game
TorchLevers – adding secret passage entrance mecanics to minecraft
Portal Gun – a game mod inspired from the famous Portals series
Lord of the Rings – a game mod made after the famouse LotR trilogy
Light Bridges and Doors- adding extendable bridges/doors
ICBM – adding war mecanics to the game (intercontinental-ballistic missiles)
Solar Apocalypse – the end is near
Modular Force Field Mod – adds force fields

Now the installation part:

Step 1:
Download the version of Pixelmon you want.

Step 2:
Download the latest version of Forge.

Step 3:
Close Minecraft if it is currently open.
Forge has an auto-installer, run it but select “client” when you are prompted.

Step 4:
After Forge installation is finished, run Minecraft. Click on the Edit Profile section. Here you have a wast window of options. Find and  navigate to the Use Version tab. Once you reached the it you do the following: select the 1.7.2 release you just downloaded and save the changes made to your profile.
Minecraft should load without crashing. This means the first part is successfully done. Now close minecraft, no playing yet.

Step 5:
Now you have to search for the following folder “appdata”. You need to find the minecraft folder next, and within it the mods folder. Once there insert the Pixelmon archive here, but do not extract it, because it will ruin the installation. (if you played this mod before, than make sure you delete the previous CFG file from the following folder: Minecraft/config/.

Step 6:
Run Minecraft an check in the mods menu if the Pixelmon mod is present. If it is then everything went well and you can begin playing.

Enjoy playing and may you catch them all.

If you have more questions, feel free to address us at mailto:


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