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How to get rid of carpenter bees

how to get rid of carpenter bees

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to get rid of carpenter bees”.

What are carpenter bees and why aren’t they good. They have this name because just like a carpenter they work with wood. They make their nests on the way in any wood structure they can find (mainly dry wood) so if you want to prevent them to making a home out of one of your things in the house make sure you do not have dry wood around, or if you do taint it, or simple paint it.
They use woods parts for everything. The females will use wood parts to create partitions between the cells, and their job is mainly to maintain the bee and the male ones can be seen hovering around the next, protecting it.
They forge their way in any type of dry wood, making tunnels with their bodies (vibrating their own bodies while advancing slowly). Like any other bees they produce honey but i am sure you don’t want that somewhere in your furniture or garage.

Like every bee they are really sensitive to toxic powders, therefor this type of pesticide is the most efficient. Simply find their nest and pour some power in it, and simply close in the gap (since they always make only one entrance). Make sure you are equipped properly for this mission. (gloves and some mouth mask is a must).

Another way of getting rid of them is simply spraying their nest with petrol (of course it will stink a bit, but this is the price you have to pay). After spraying the nest wait for like 1-2 hours for the bees to leave it and after that cover it with something. Either way the bees won’t ever return to the spot since the toxic particles are still in there even after a long period of time has passed(you will not smell this as long since you do not have the smelling sensors so sophisticated as they have it)

One additional way to get rid of them is tunneling strong vibrations towards them. The easiest way to do this is to get a sound box and place it near the whole. Be sure to put them some nice and relaxing rock or dubstep (or anything that has an alert rhythm). This method is mainly for pacifists who don’t want to kill the bees.

If the bees made their nest in a closed environment and you do not want them to fly around in your home for example, after spraying their next glue a harder plastic bag to the entrance so the bees that get out get trapped there. After that it is your choice either kill them all (like Rambo did with his enemies) or let them live but release them far away from their home.

If none of this works consult or hire an exterminator, because you have some really stubborn bees there, maybe even mutant bees.

Happy “carpenter bee” killing everyone and please make sure you come back with any negative feedback about the post.

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