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How to do a cartwheel

how to do a cartwheel

Hello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to do a cartwheel”.

The cart-wheel exercise got this name because your body undergoes a motion like a wheel when you do the exercise. A cart-wheel is a sideways (you can start the cart-wheel straight forward as well, just a bit leaning to a side) rotary movement of the body.
This will be performed by bringing your left hand (if you are a right-handed person) or your right hand (if you are a left-handed person) first to the ground. This is done because every person has a side stronger than the other and you need to use your stronger side leg (since the opposite hand first on the ground) to push yourself away from the ground.
The indians used this for their dancing rituals. These were called Talavilasitam karana.
In martial arts this exercise is used in an offensive manuever and it is called the aú.

The whole cart-wheel takes place in about 2-3 seconds but you still need to have some muscle power. So before you try to perform this you need to master standing on your hands and jumping at least half of your height high. This is to check if you have the power to do this. Once you mastered these two you do the following:

Step one:
Before any type of phisical excersize the most important thing is streching. You need to strech every time you want to do something solicitating with your muscles. Focus on these 3 areas:
Wrists: face your pal away from you and start pulling your fingers towards you
Neck: Roll it in circles
Ankles: make some round and round moves with them
Also do a full body rotation from the hip.
Prevent injuries and keep the doctor away 🙂

Step two:
Preparing the environment for your cart-wheel. Make sure you have enough space around you (you need around 3 times your height in front of you and around 1 times your height beside you.
At first try it on a mat or a softer carpet, so the falling won’t do any damaged (believe me you will fall a lot).

Step 3:
Now you visualize the excercise. You image a line connecting A (where you are standing at the moment) with B (where you will end up after your finished). Place both feet aligned with this line.
As told before lefties go forward with the right hand and right-handed persons with the left hand first touching the ground. The moment your hand touched the ground the opposite foot will be lifted up and in this time your other hand touches the ground as well. Your remaining foot is lifted as well.
Now we have a hand stand position (hope you practiced it). After this your land the first foot that was raised in the air, first hand is lifted, second foot on the ground and first hand lifted.

You should be back on your feet if everything went as planned.

Thank you for reading and enjoy moving around like an authentic wheel. (hope no one gets injured).
And as my gym teacher used to tell us: Kids remember this simple rule and you will be fine : Hand-hand-feet-feet.

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