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How to delete kik

how to delete kikHello readers,

In this post we will talk about “how to delete kik”.

Will talk about my experience with kik and why I personally deleted the application. Here I go! try and stop me:

At first I am sure you installed Kik because of the trend. Everybody is using it why shouldn’t I use it? this was the question in your head(as in mine as well), why not be cool like everyone else, and so i installed it.
At first it looked awesome (at least that was my impression of it) since it was nearly identical with SMS texting but was using internet connection to send and receive your messages instead your telephone service provider. Used it a lot because I could easily access it and send as many messages as I wanted as long as I had the connection for it(this is a huge situational issue). here comes the downfall of it, since I moved to an area with limited internet connectivity and this had no use anymore (was just taking up space and getting dust since I could not use it most of the time when needed). In other words nowadays you are “dead” without the internet.

Here is what I did to get rid of this application:
I knew if I simply delete the application from my phone , my data and my account will still exist somewhere on the wast internet, so at first you need to deactivate your account.
Deactivating the account does the following:
You don’t receive Kik messages anymore (or emails from them for that matter, if you ask me this is the most awesome thing)
Your username won’t appear for others when searching for it
Your username will get delete from the Kik contact list(everyone who you talked with will lose you as a contact from now on)

Steps for deactivation:
First step:
The most important thing to do at first find out if you can still access your email account you linked to your Kik account.
If you don’t remember which email account you used to register this account, simply go to “How can I update my email?” link and find out.
Second step:
Tap once on the Settings menu and select your account
Third step:
Tap on “Reset Kik messenger” item in the menu
Fourth step:
Fill in the email address (the one you used to register the account with)
Fifth step:
Check your email address for the deactivation link (if you cannot find it, or it takes to long for it to come, check out the Spam box as well. Sometimes these types of emails are sent there for security reasons)

Also here you have the direct link to the deletion page (sometimes it will not work, depends of what mobile operating system you use, and this is why i explained it step by step):

Deactivation link

After you deactivated your account feel free to uninstall the application itself from your device.
Simply go to the settings page, search for the applications menu, select the Kik application and choose the uninstall button.

Hope it helped. Have a wonderful life 🙂

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2 comments on “How to delete kik

  1. areen_berwari
    October 23, 2014

    i want to delet my kik accound

  2. N. D
    February 7, 2015

    Hi, thank u for the help.. & it’s such a relief that when you deactivate your account they can’t search your account or appear in their list. But i wanted to ask.. What if they have sent me a message right before I deactivated my account before i reset my kik.. When i deactivate will the conversation still visible to the one who contacted me or will it get deleted as well?

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